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Molecular compound

Widening the therapeutic window through smarter molecules

Protomer’s Molecular Engineering of Peptide Sensors (MEPS) technology is a powerful chemical biology-based platform that unlocks the ability to engineer selectively responsive domains into therapeutics. Protomer’s peptide-inspired synthetic libraries incorporate naturally occurring, non-canonical, and chemically modified monomer building blocks to create conditionally active binding moieties.

Diabetes is part of your life. But it shouldn’t control your life.

At Protomer, we understand that a powerful platform is only as useful as the products that come out of it. We’ve used our MEPS technology to create an agonist of the insulin receptor that modulates its activity in response to rising and falling blood glucose levels, and we are hard at work to bring this potentially game-changing technology to people living with diabetes.

While Protomer’s preclinical pipeline is proprietary, Protomer’s clinical candidates, including our glucose sensing insulin receptor agonist, can be viewed as part of Lilly’s publicly available pipeline.