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At Protomer, we believe that the future of medicine lies in smarter medicines, so we built a company to invent them.

We are engineering the next generation of responsive biotherapeutics

Chemist in laboratory

Founded in 2015 and based in Pasadena, California, Protomer is engineering next-generation responsive biotherapeutics that can sense molecular activators in the body. The company’s proprietary chemical biology-based Molecular Evolution of Peptide Sensors (MEPS) platform enables the development of therapeutic peptides and proteins with tunable activity that can be controlled using small molecules.

Protomer has used this approach toward advancing a portfolio of therapeutic candidates, including glucose-responsive insulin receptor agonists that can sense sugar levels in the blood and automatically adjust their activity as needed.

Chemists in laboratory

Work at Protomer

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Our Life at Protomer

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Alborz Mahdavi, PhD - CEO

Alborz Mahdavi, PhD

Jack Steele - COO

Jack Steele

Ryan Spencer, PhD - Chemistry

Ryan Spencer, PhD

Diao Chen, PhD - Chemistry

Diao Chen, PhD

Sachin Mali, PhD - Chemistry

Sachin Mali, PhD

Julie Sinclair, PhD - Chemistry

Julie Sinclair, PhD

Thomas Hoeg-Jensen, PhD - Chemistry

Thomas Hoeg-Jensen, PhD

Danielle Sumilang - Biology

Danielle Sumilang

Ganesh Sable, PhD - Chemistry

Ganesh Sable, PhD

Natalie Elmasry - Chemistry

Natalie Elmasry

Phillip Kim - Chemistry

Phillip Kim

Delaney Foo - Biochemistry

Delaney Foo

Tyler Yeomans - Chemistry

Tyler Yeomans

Zenas Heng - Chemistry

Zenas Heng


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